beats wireless studio

Beats Studio 2.0 Wireless

Beats Studio 2.0 Wireless

Most manufacturing, robust, comfort, better audio quality than the previous generation, foldable headphones.

The lowest prices, impossible to operate as a passive (the building must be loaded).


Summary  As with the 2013 wired Studio model, the Beats Studio Wireless benefits from a more balanced audio signature. Goodbye bass which crushes everything! The manufacturer delivers here a good wireless noise-canceling headset.

It is easy to confuse the Beats Studio headset (2013) with the Studio Wireless of the same brand, which is its wireless variant. It must be said that they are very similar. The big difference of Studio Wireless comes from the fact that it incorporates not only active noise reduction technology but also Bluetooth, which allows you to listen wirelessly to content from any other Bluetooth device. At around 380 euros, the Studio Wireless costs 80 euros more than the Studio.

These two helmets are based on a new design redesigned from the very popular original Studio. These new models are lighter and more solidly built. They also have softer ear cups, which are generally considered more comfortable. The helmet offers a good fit with a hoop that holds well in place without it tightening too much.

beats wireless studio

The Beats Studio 2.0 Wireless is a big upgrade over the old Beats Wireless headset. The big question obviously remains whether it is worth 380 euros.

Design and features

The Studio Wireless is available in six colors (white, blue, red, titanium, shiny black, matt black) and is better finished than the original Beats Studio. Although it is a high-end helmet, it is mainly made of plastic, but its finish helps to make it a little chicer than the original Studio. The glossy black version is a real fingerprint magnet, which explains why this helmet comes with a small cleaning cloth (this little chamois is now a classic accessory for this category of high-end plastic helmets).

Like the “classic” Studio of 2013, this helmet does not have “visible” screws, which is a good thing when we remember that the small screws located on the roll bar of the original model used to loosen and fall. However, when you store the headphones (they fold down so they can be slid into a carrying case), Torx-type screws on the joints on each side of the headband appear. Joints that integrate a metallic part and which are put in place when you unfold the helmet.

beats wireless studio1

In addition to the carrying case, the Studio Wireless box contains a few accessories: a USB cable, a standard cable to transform it into a wired headset and another with a remote control compatible with Apple terminals. This small module on the cable also includes a microphone for voice calls. If the remote control function may not work with smartphones other than the iPhone, the microphone remains functional. These cables are red in color whatever the model is chosen. Cables and headphones are therefore not matched, which can sometimes be visually explosive. However, this is a wireless headset and most users will stow away these extra cables. Note that even in wired mode, the headset battery must be charged for it to work.


The Beats Studio Wireless is built around a new signal processing processor (DSP) and new firmware (firmware). A processor that for marketing reasons takes the name “more meaningful” from Beats Acoustic Engine. The headphones have an active two-mode noise reduction function. One is for listening to music, with a “balanced” noise reduction between the music and your surroundings. As for the second, it offers a stronger reduction to completely cut yourself off from the outside world and focus on the music.

The Bluetooth and noise reduction circuits are powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Charging takes place via a micro USB connection. The autonomy is around 12 hours in wireless mode and 20 hours in wired. A five-diode gauge, located under the on / off button on the right earpiece of the helmet, indicates the remaining charge.


Like other stereo Bluetooth headsets, this model has a built-in microphone. Beats Studio 2.0 Wireless works perfectly as a wireless hands-free kit for making and receiving phone calls. The circular button used to pick up and hang up is in the center of the left earpiece. It sports the brand logo and also works as a remote control for music. Press it once, playback pauses. Press twice successively and it goes to the next track. Three quick presses take you back to the previous track. The buttons to adjust the volume are also located on the same earphone, on either side of this central control button.

There is an automatic shutdown function so that the headphones turn off by themselves when you unplug them after using them in wired mode. But beware of not leaving it connected with Bluetooth. If you forget to turn it off, the battery drains quickly.


The “original” Beats Studio has been a pioneer in the fashion of ubiquitous bass headphones, with a tendency to crush the rest of the spectrum. Since then, the manufacturer has returned to more balanced things, notably with the 2013 model. Studio Wireless inherits this more balanced sound profile that does not overwhelm you with bass.


The new Studio 2013 delivers a lot of detail while retaining good power in the bass. Studio Wireless also provides some refinements but is more moderate with less crystalline highs. The whole gives a smooth and fairly precise sound. The bass is dynamic without being overly accentuated. In any case, they do not crush the mediums (singing, acoustic music) which assert themselves with a slight emphasis.

The Beats Studio Wireless is a pleasant headset for listening to music and even listening to it for a long time. But it is not an extraordinary headset in the sense that it will not make you “rediscover” your music by bringing out small buried details.

If you are wondering if Beats Studio Wireless sounds better in wired mode, the answer is no. Models that combine Bluetooth and active noise reduction are set to work under these conditions.


This Beats Studio Wireless is significantly better than the original Studio (2010) and the old Wireless. If you are sensitive to the marketing/fashion argument of the brand (which comes at a cost), Studio Wireless will not disappoint you either in terms of audio.