Kenwood Chef Elite1

Kenwood best food processor comparison

Kenwood Chef Elite, Prospero or KMIX, these are all Kenwood pastry robots that combine efficiency and sustainability. We bring you here some useful information on each of them to make your choice and decide between them.

Chef Elite: the Kenwood food processor at the best price / quality ratio

Kenwood Chef Elite
Kenwood Chef Elite Pastry Robot

Rating: 5/5

Close to the old models of the brand, this Kenwood splash-proof food processor offers a perfect ratio between quality and price. Indeed, with its power of 1,200 watts, it offers high-end efficiency, but remains below the bar of 350 euros on the price side. Provided with 3 distinct outputs, it allows to operate 3 accessories simultaneously, and is also delivered with a kneader, a whisk and a mixer. It can also be combined with more than 30 other accessories of the brand. Kenwood stainless steel pastry robot, it is very resistant to intensive use.

The Kenwood Chef Elite in summary:

Most: The lessers:
• Its power of 1200 watts. • The lack of height adjustment of the hook.
• The accessories that come with it.
• Its very good quality / price ratio.

Price: € 546.29 *

Prospero: the inexpensive Kenwood food processor

Kenwood Chef Elite
Kenwood Prospero Pastry Robot

Rating: 4.5 / 5

With a price of less than 200 euros, this silent Kenwood pastry robot offers a great alternative for those on a budget. And with its compact size, it fits even small kitchens. But if this 1000 watt Kenwood pastry robot offers appreciable efficiency, its price requires some adjustments and loses the extreme robustness of the other models of the brand. Made of plastic, it is less aesthetic and probably a little less robust than the previous model for example.

The Kenwood Prospero in summary:

Most: The lessers:
• His price. • Its plastic design.
• Its compact size.
• The presence of numerous accessories.

Price: 143.99 € *

KMIX: the trendy Kenwood food processor


Kenwood Chef Elite
Kenwood Prospero Pastry Robot

Rating: 4.5 / 5

More trendy with its look and pop colors, the Kenwood 6-speed KMIX pastry robot is equipped with a very powerful transmission motor, installed at its head, which more than compensates for its reduced power of 500 watts. It is also equipped with 2 separate outputs and delivered with a mixer, a whisk and a kneader, but can be combined with all of the brand’s other accessories. Finally, it is equipped with a safety device that instantly cuts off its operation if its arm is raised.

The Kenwood KMIX in summary:

Most: The lessers:
• Its trendy look. • The presence of 2 outputs instead of 3 on most of the brand’s other models.
• The presence of its accessories.
• Its very powerful engine.
• Its security.

Price: € 309.99 *


Small household appliance, the Kenwood pastry robot allows you to save time, prepare technical recipes and become a real chef. A great help when spending time in the kitchen.

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