Meat grinder: Best models and comparison 2020

Preparing meat can sometimes become a nightmare very quickly, so why not turn to quality products, which offer technology to do this task for you? Say hello to our 2020 comparison of minced steak machines and other meat grinders!

Comparative table of meat grinders

  Kenwood MG510 Moulinex ME205131 Bosch MFW68640
Power 1600W 1300W 2200W
Capacity 2 kg per minute 1 kg per minute 4.3 kg per minute
Accessories Sausage adapter / Tray Tray / Pusher sausage kit / kebbe kit
Material Aluminum Plastic and metal Stainless steel
Weight 7.3 kilos 2.96 kilos 9.07 kilos
Price on Amazon € 97.89  € 73.12  € 127,98

Classification of the best meat grinders



Once is not custom, Bosch reached the top of the ranking with a very popular product since its release – and for good reason: its quality is phenomenal!

Most :

  • Good motive power,
  • the accessories,
  • the flow,
  • the quality of the finished product.

The lessers :

  • Its price, quite high, but offset by good performance as well as regular promotions.


With this model, customers are delighted to be able to access almost professional quality, since this model has a throughput of 3.5 kg of meat / minute, notably helped by its three grids. Customers also appreciate the accessories, allowing different forms of meat and different preparation functions.

2. RUSSELL HOBBS 20320-56

Description: Russell Hobbs 24660-56 Electric Chopper


Another well-known manufacturer, Russell Hobbs is also joining the race by offering here a product which is certainly simpler, but above all inexpensive and therefore accessible to all consumer profiles!

Most :

  • His price,
  • the quality of its blades,
  • its design with finesse.

The lessers :

  • Its motive power a little weak,
  • its small capacity.


For this model, customers were looking above all for occasional to semi-regular use, with clear and easy-to-use functionalities. They are, in this case, delighted!

3. AICOK 3 IN 1

Description: Electric Meat Grinder, AICOK 3 in 1


multifunctional and sophisticated robot model , this Aicok meat grinder easily competes with big names in the field.

Most :

  • Its driving power (800W),
  • the different functions,
  • stainless steel material,
  • jamming function appreciated (rotation in the opposite direction).

The lessers :

  • The flow (1.5 kg of meat per minute).


Despite its slightly low flow rate, people with a particular use of this device appreciate it for its excellent performance as well as the possibility of using different cutting sizes. In addition, the brand guarantees the model for 2 years, enough to see a potential breakdown.

4. TRISTAR BL-4020

Description: Tristar BL-4020 Mini chopper White


Not as famous as other names in this top, Tristar offers here a modest product, but very accessible and which fulfills its tasks perfectly!

Most :

  • His price,
  • ease of use,
  • the quality of the finished product.

The lessers :

  • Its motive power (200 Watts),
  • its capacity (0.5L).


Despite its less impressive performance than other models, this product is intended for occasional or semi-frequent private use. In this context, it fulfills its functions very well!

5. MOULINEX ME205131


The Moulinex expert invites himself into our ranking by offering here a product that delights its users, in particular thanks to its formidable reliability.

Most :

  • Its excellent lifespan,
  • ease of use and maintenance,
  • motive power (1300 Watts),
  • French quality.

The lessers :

  • Its flow (1 kg / min),
  • its limited number of speed,
  • its price, a little high and which suddenly lowers it a little in the classification, but which is however sometimes the subject of promotion.


Within the framework of a particular use, this model is among the most appreciated, despite a price slightly higher than the average.


Description: Kenwood MG510 Aluminum meat grinder


Finally, we present a Kenwood product which, while it is certainly made of aluminum, nevertheless presents very good performance.

Most :

  • Its flow (2kg / min)
  • its motive power (1600W)
  • his accessories

The lessers :

  • Its price, but which is largely offset by very good performance.


Customers appreciate it, even for intensive use, especially thanks to its multifunctional side.


With our comparison on mini meat grinders and others, we wanted to offer you different ranges of models, also meeting various expectations that you may have. This is in particular what we put forward cheap, but always quality models, as well as models located in a higher range.

However, your own expectations may be different, so it may be helpful, before choosing, to make your own comparison. In this case, always keep the following criteria in mind before purchasing your meat grinder.


The devices will display, depending on their range, cheap or not, powers of up to 2000 Watts, and starting around 300 Watts, sometimes less. The principle is simple: the more a device will display a high motor power, the more it will be able to quickly deliver large quantities of meat.

However, don’t be fooled! This measure alone, for the meat grinder, is not worth much without the flow, which lets you know how much meat (in mg or kg) can be cut in how long. Thus, a powerful engine but a low flow will represent only a small interest.


Here we are in the heart of the multifunctional function of the meat grinder. Indeed, machines for mincing meat often come with different accessories in order to be able to offer an extended use of their functionalities. So, you can get adapters to put directly on the device to get typically Lebanese dumplings, or even sausages. When a meat grinder model comes with accessories, it often includes storage spaces to limit the size of the appliance. Remember to check! Finally, note that you will rarely find accessories for inexpensive meat grinders, especially because they are mainly intended to fulfill their basic functions. It’s up to you to see what you want to use it for.


Meat grinders are generally not complicated to use, but be aware that there are two main categories of products. First, there are the classic mincers as we know them well, where you bring the meat gently and gradually on one side so that it comes out chopped on the other. This technique allows in particular to bring in a potentially unlimited quantity of meat, but the process is also longer.

You can then use electric meat grinders, which actually act as mixers. The main advantage is that it allows you to get the desired amount of minced meat very quickly. But it also means that you should stick to the maximum capacity of the device.


For a meat grinder, the question of maintenance is essential. In general, your electric meat grinder must be able to be maintained, for its lifespan as well as for your health.

Thus, as and when the different uses that you have, you will always manage to get maximum performance. The second solution, for its part, is quite simply to consult the various reviews and customer reviews. Older users, in particular,


If you want to turn to a meat grinder, you will most likely want an electric grinder. This allows you to limit any effort by saving time. However, be aware that it is not always easy to know if there is a manual or electric model, so do not hesitate to consult the technical files directly. Some manual meat grinders, on the other hand, include multiplier functions that will allow you to increase the force of your movement exponentially while limiting the efforts you have to provide.