NutriBullet blender analysis

Mini-blenders are popular and are attracting more and more internet buyers. Faced with the invasion of small mixers, NutriBullet puts forward arguments that leave no stone unturned to attract new users. 

My discovery of this device on the canvas made me want to test it. The reviews on the NutriBullet indeed convey a very positive image of the product. So I decided to analyze this machine to find out what it really had in store.

In the rest of this article, I will explain the characteristics of the NutriBullet, as well as the steps I went through for the test. You will finally discover the devices that I recommend as alternatives.

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The NutriBullet NBR-1240M 

Soberly named smoothie device, the NutriBullet NBR-1240M is the model I chose for its fine, well-made and attractive aesthetics. With a more elegant design, this device catches the eye with its meticulous finish.

For me, its aesthetic is a major asset, because it can easily become a centerpiece in a small kitchen. The technical sheet remains the most interesting on this device, however, because it displays twice as much power as its competitor.


Nutribullet NBR-1240M 

Let’s move on to the characteristics of this mini-blender. The performances indicated are more than attractive:

  • A beautiful power of 600W
  • An ECO engine
  • 600ml capacity
  • Dishwasher safe

At first glance, its real strong point is at the level of its engine which promises more possibilities. I can’t wait to see what this ECO function really holds!

The practical test 

It’s time for the NutriBullet to hit the pool table. I was able to find a video that shows how it works:

The noise in the video does not excite me, and I must say that I expected to read the technical sheet.

I must point out that it is difficult to find a mini-blender of this power that is silent! For the discretion of good morning, we will iron … During the test, I opted for a mixture of carrot, banana, blackberries, and almonds.

So be careful: you should not forget to add liquid so that the blender is not blocked at the wrong time. In use, it is much faster than its competitors and offers an impressive performance.

A powerful mini-blender, but … 

I want to stop here for a moment on the performance of this device. Tested on soft ingredients, it does the job perfectly. No problem came to cloud the tests, even if I feared at one time that the blades were not sharp enough to spray the food.

After a few seconds, the ingredients had nevertheless taken the form of a consistent puree. It was packed that I, therefore, thought of testing its capacities on nuts. Not wanting to ask for it, I only fill it in ¾.

The spraying process will not have taken longer than with soft ingredients. I spiced up the game by filling the rest of the container. There, the problems began to arise en masse!

It seems like a bad idea to place nuts to the brim and ask the mini-blender to do all the work. If the blades turned, the ingredients hardly moved anymore. I would have had to stir them with a spatula to see the end.

It still took me a good ten minutes to grind everything, and I was not at the end of my surprises. Woe: remnants of nut puree remained stuck under the blades and refused to be released.

I had to take the part to place them under a powerful trickle of water to remove part of it. Not very practical, especially for those who cannot rely on a dishwasher for cleaning. Apart from these missed little ones, the blender made a good impression.

NutriBullet 3


A lifetime to check

The speed of execution on the first tests made me understand the mention ECO. This did not stop me from being intrigued by its lifespan since its engine heats up at crazy speed.

It is therefore imperative to count pause times so that the structure can cool. The real question here is: how long can mechanics last with intensified use?


A little heavy blender 

I can also only note that it is much too heavy with its 3.5 kg and that it will be far from practical for users who wish to transport it. This weight is also far from ideal if you have to put it away after each use.

For a blender of his build, this weight seems exaggerated. I don’t recommend lifting it more often than necessary, as its finish will make it easily slip out of your hands. Its storage will be less obvious than that of a less loaded blender.

The pluses and minuses 

The NutriBullet is doing pretty well and has seduced me with a few well-thought-out advantages. It also has some bad points that are felt on the first try.


  • The impressive power of 600W
  • Elegant and versatile design
  • Elegant and versatile design
  • Elements compatible with the dishwasher
  • An ECO engine

The inconvenient

  • Average lifespan
  • A hot engine
  • Cannot be used continuously or professionally
  • Too much weight

The opinion of Internet users 

During my research, I first came across positive opinions confirming the popularity of the NutriBullet. By immersing myself in the specialized forums, I could see that a large part of the users is far from being satisfied with this device.

If the absence of the recipe book is a point that often comes up, the problems with the engine are the most numerous. It seems that the case of this little blender is not as resistant as it seems.

For many, the appearance of smoke is coupled with the heating engine more than expected. Others also express problems with the sealing and clearly announce a defect in finishing on this model.

It does not seem that all the specimens are concerned, but the number of copies with major problems remains very high. Likewise, the knives seem to lose all functionality after a few months.

The disadvantages encountered on this machine make me wonder about the NutriBullet really deserves its reputation. Unhappy users are now more expressive than satisfied users, suggesting that this device is only recommended for occasional use.

What are the alternatives to NutriBullet NBR-1240M? 

NutriBullet’s competitors are not uncommon and have more interesting features than the others. There are however 2 models that I find more relevant than the rest:

The BioChef NutriBoost Bullet 


With a design and characteristics very similar to the NBR-1240M, the BioChef NutriBoost Bullet is stronger with 23,000 revolutions per minute.

Despite a slightly lower power, this mini-blender will seduce you if you favor the practicality of a mixer.

Its all-white finish is a good point because it fits discreetly in a modern kitchen. It is also a device that attracts because its elements are complete.

The Blend One Touch Magic Mixer 

This device stands out for its sober appearance and its marked efficiency. If it does not have what to compete with a design model, what it has under the hood is more than enough to make a difference.

This second mini-blender will be an investment to consider for athletes who like to save time in the morning.

My conclusion 

The NutriBullet NBR-1240M is a blender that will have no problem satisfying occasional users. However, it will not be recommended for continuous use, as it has a heavy but fragile structure.

Effective with fruits and vegetables, it will be harder to process nuts without a helping hand. It is positioned among mini-blenders that would suit athletes, but that would not be a good investment for families.

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