Kenwood Chef Elite1

Kenwood best food processor comparison

Kenwood Chef Elite, Prospero or KMIX, these are all Kenwood pastry robots that combine efficiency and sustainability. We bring you here some useful information on each of them to make your choice and decide between them. Chef Elite: the Kenwood food processor at the best price / quality ratio Rating: 5/5 Close to the old models
Vorwerk Thermomix

Thermomix alternatives: the best models at a glance

The Thermomix has been a popular kitchen aid for many years, combining the functions of numerous kitchen machines in just one device. However, the all-in-one machines from Vorwerk also have their price. We are introducing some alternatives to the Thermomix, some of which are significantly cheaper. Current model of the Thermomix, the TM6, currently costs 1,359 euros

Meat grinder: Best models and comparison 2020

Preparing meat can sometimes become a nightmare very quickly, so why not turn to quality products, which offer technology to do this task for you? Say hello to our 2020 comparison of minced steak machines and other meat grinders! Comparative table of meat grinders   Kenwood MG510 Moulinex ME205131 Bosch MFW68640 Power 1600W 1300W 2200W Capacity

Espresso coffee machine| Test and Opinion 2020

Reviews of the best Keurig coffee makers Among all the coffee makers that claim to provide you with the best machines for preparing delicious infusions, Keurig takes the cake. It is one of the best-known brands of coffee machines, thanks to its wide acceptance. Whether it’s at your friends, at the office, at a caterer or at a cafe,

Mueller onion chopper: Best reviews

About Vegetable Chopper A Mueller onion chopper is something you’ll find in every kitchen. These vegetable cutters are a perfect companion and have the ability to perform many tasks such as cutting, chopping, slicing and much more. You can prepare salads using this chopper and also when cooking pulses it is also a great help for you. Whether

NutriBullet blender analysis

Mini-blenders are popular and are attracting more and more internet buyers. Faced with the invasion of small mixers, NutriBullet puts forward arguments that leave no stone unturned to attract new users.  My discovery of this device on the canvas made me want to test it. The reviews on the NutriBullet indeed convey a very positive image of
beats wireless studio

Beats Studio 2.0 Wireless

Beats Studio 2.0 Wireless Most manufacturing, robust, comfort, better audio quality than the previous generation, foldable headphones. The lowest prices, impossible to operate as a passive (the building must be loaded). PUBLICITY Summary  As with the 2013 wired Studio model, the Beats Studio Wireless benefits from a more balanced audio signature. Goodbye bass which crushes everything! The manufacturer